Dubbel, Rockmill Brewery

Many people see beer and wine in very different lights.

Wine is thought to be sophisticated, classy, often worth a hefty price — even though many cheap, so-so brands are easily available and are no more fancy than a can of Bud.

Beer, meanwhile, often is perceived as the everyday, mundane working class drink — despite the existence of superb and elegant brews in many wondrous varieties from all over the world. Fifteen bucks for a bottle of beer? Scandalous, many would say, even if the bottle is as large as one normally used for wine.

I have never understood that dichotomy. Beer is as varied as wine when it comes to history, regional traditions, suitability for various occasions, you name it. There is no need to look down one’s nose at beer.

Rockmill Brewery of Lancaster proves the point with a delicious Belgian-inspired abbey ale.

You can read the rest of this column here.


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