Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout, Maumee Bay Brewing Company

My two favorite dark beverages are stout and coffee.

A good dose of either is a wonderful thing, but in combination they are sublime.

You might see such a marriage billed as a coffee stout, but often the term used is breakfast stout. Whatever you call it, start talking about stout infused with coffee and, sooner or later, someone will mention Founders Breakfast Stout. For many beer drinkers, that Michigan brewery’s take on java-laced stout is the gold standard, and rightfully so, because it is a spectacularly bold and delicious brew.

A Toledo brewery, however, has a breakfast stout that stands up very well against Founders. The beer is Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout, and the brewery is Maumee Bay Brewing Company. These beers are similar, yet distinct from one another — Founders is brewed with Kona and Sumatra coffee beans, while Total Eclipse is brewed with espresso. They cost about the same. It’s almost like arguing who would win a battle between Superman and the Silver Surfer; your choice probably really hinges on whether you grew up as a fan of Marvel Comics or DC Comics, and there’s no way to really, authoritatively choose a winner.

Read the rest of this review here.


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